Love at First Sight is not one-sided


This is the Final Major project of my BA. I chose to create a campaign tackling the tradition of bride kidnapping. A practice originated from Kyrgyzstan. This tradition is done in generation after generation, where the groom and his friends kidnap a woman he has been eyeing, without the young woman’s knowledge or approval. He takes her back to his supporting family where they force her to go through a ceremony. All in the name of ‘love at first sight’ and the delusional thinking of her being ‘innocent’ and ‘shy’ when fighting it and that she would be ‘desperate’ and ‘loose’ if she willingly wanted to. 

The campaign is built on three films. It plays on the concept of two-sided love stories, and that we usually hear the first side of a story and believe it. In the films you are put in the groom’s family and friends’ perspective, until you realise the woman’s side of the story starting to uncover. 

The videos are followed by outdoors, touch screen adverts. The advert is set 75 percent on the man’s side. And you can uncover the woman’s side by sliding the divider to the left. There are three versions of this advert, showing all three couples from the films.