The Box


This is a student project. This project has also been Highly Commended by the RSA Student Design Awards 2016.

“The box” is a product that is collected for free once a week at selected tube stations. This box contains a new creative challenge every week. The challenges are based on scientifically proven methods, such as the Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono, the Torrance Test by Ellis Paul Torrance or Alternative Uses by J.P. Guilford for example.

The goal is to exercise your creative senses. Targeting non-creative adults mainly. It is a small, to-go box that you can grab on your way to work or university. This idea is inspired by the “think outside the box” saying. You unfold the box, to unfold creative thinking. 

They will be displayed stacked on a stand, behind a transparent plastic door. To protect from winds and damage. They will be given out
by brand ambassadors to the public.

You can either open the box in the carriage or whenever you have a break during the day.  Once you open the box, you will be asked to unfold it. Further instructions about the week’s challenge and background story is printed on the inside of the lid. The inside walls of the box are used for your thoughts and doodles!

The idea is followed through with a social media campaign, where you are encouraged to share your creativity and imagination.