Take Injustice Personally


The barrier between people and the human rights organisation Amnesty International is the thought of ‘it is not happening to me’ therefore, they choose to ignore the issue. But what if you were the one involved? This is where the campaign “Take injustice personally” is born.

I wanted to make this digital, interactive screen with embedded cameras. With motion detection technology, it will sense moving objects within two meters and reflect onto the screen. Even if the object stops moving, it will still scan the shape, given it has been in motion earlier. It will put you in a position where you can interact and psychically see yourself in an alternative situation. The screen background is also in movement with the objects, making the experience feel more real.

This screen will show footage depending on the issue that is being advertised. This particular example is showing immigrants living on the border in Greece, waiting on approval.

Where you find the screens, Amnesty is live on Snapchat. You can go into the app, record your thoughts on the issue or your experience and upload it. You will also be able to save a copy on your phone and watch other people's footage and pictures on the app or directly on the screen by touching it. 

Another issue I chose to tackle in this concept was domestic abuse. Much like the earlier example, the screen detects your motion, however in this one, it has an extra feature. The facial recognition system, scans your face and reflects you with a black eye, bruises and scratches. Putting you in adisturbed home setting.