Feel Good is an already existing brand that sell all natural fruit juice. They have a lot of potential, but very plain visual identity. Therefore we worked developing a modern and upbeat concept turning their juice into exciting feel good potions! Targeting females 18-35. The potions are about feeling good on the inside and spreading positivity. You can feed your body love, healing, joy and energy. Each type of drink in our range, is packaged as a different sort of potion. It is a simple and honest product with a fun twist. The potions are a cleaner option to other juices in the market, with no added sugars, making them 100% natural and healthier to your body. 

This concept promotes sharing the goodness with your loved ones. Whether you think your friend needs love or a little kick of energy, our drinks are the perfect pick-me-up! 

We also redesigned the website to fit the “Share the Goodness” philosophy. The earlier design of the website was reaching a younger demographic than the ideal audience. The navigation was confusing and the flavours were not the main focus. The new website is more straight forward and easy to navigate. It displays all the different flavours on the front page. This layout is more appropriate for the target audience.

The ‘Mix our next potion’ campaign is driven on the website. The campaign is all about reaching out and inspiring people to engage with the brand. It gives the audience the chance to build the brand with us and the chance to be creative and experiment with different flavours.
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