The Appearance and Disappearance of Women's Image
The role of women is compromised during the process of cultural conversion – when a medium is translated from one culture to another. This research aims to critique International brands that advertise in Saudi Arabia. Corporations that claim to be socially responsible bend their brand values when put in a challenging position. Women’s faces or bodies are often blurred, pixelated or eliminated. Women can be visualised in Saudi Arabia, however, sexuality is a taboo. Many Western advertisers have a misconception of Saudi ideologies, and not enough resources are invested in exploring the culture to create tolerable imagery. Corporations want to avoid making a political stand that may or may not anger the audience they are targeting so censorship is the quick and economical route to take.

Master Degree thesis

The Appearance and Disappearance of Women's Image: What triggers the manipulation of Western advertising when representing women in Saudi Arabia?

Visual experiments

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